We are an expat service provider helping people to successfully relocate to different countries. We have a good network with the embassy, job search firms, real estate agencies, and others. We can give you the best advice regarding your job, stay and other facilities. We provide different services so that expats like you can feel at home.

Organize events

We organize different events so that you can meet other people from around the world who have also come here to stay in Germany. This way you will be able to learn more about the country and share the challenges they are facing. We also organize job fair to give you an opportunity to get a good job.

Provide useful information

We can provide you all kinds of information you need to start living in Germany. You will know about the real estate market so that you can decide what kind of property to buy or rent. You will get useful information about the job, kid’s schools, medical facilities, and more.

Help with legal matters

We can help you with legal matters regarding your stay. These include checking visa papers, applying for permanent residency, etc. We can give you contact details of lawyers as well.

We will help you with everything when you come to Germany. With our guidance, you will be able to settle in this new country quite comfortably. Please contact us today!